Cosmo Sleep (30 nights)

Sleep better tonight. Seize the day tomorrow.

  • Contains 60 capsules (30 nights)
  • Safe & non-habit-forming
  • Free shipping & free returns

Cosmo works with your circadian rhythm to naturally promote better sleep.


(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for Cosmo Sleep

  1. Peter

    Using Cosmo every night guarantees a great night of sleep for me. No matter how stressful the day before was, I wake up ready for the next day. Having Cosmo has been amazing!

  2. Adam

    I used to take plain melatonin but find Cosmo works better. It’s great for fighting jet lag and winding down after a day on the go.

  3. Chloe

    Unlike other sleep aids, I never feel groggy the next day with Cosmo. It helps me fall asleep quickly.

  4. Jessica

    I’ve tried a lot of different sleeping aids and this one is by far the best! I take it most nights and find I really do fall asleep more quickly.

  5. Michael

    I work pretty late and need something to help me “chill” and fall asleep. This has worked pretty well. The only thing I would change is maybe make it a gummy.

  6. Juan

    Been taking for a week and so far so good.

  7. David

    I take Cosmo 30 minutes before getting ready for bed and fall asleep almost instantly. It’s been game changing for my sleep.

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