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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Cosmo different from other sleep aids?

Traditional sleep aids only make you drowsy– they don’t promote the deep stages of sleep that leave us feeling restored and refreshed. Cosmo works with your circadian rhythm to naturally promote deeper sleep. It’s an easy way to get better sleep each night.

How does Cosmo compare to melatonin?

Cosmo contains an optimal dose of melatonin to help you fall asleep faster, but also includes four other sleep-promoting ingredients: Valerian, magnesium, L-theanine, and GABA. It’s like having a team of super heroes on your side instead of just one. 

Will I feel groggy in the morning?

Hangovers are for drinking, not sleeping. We designed Cosmo so that it wears off well before the morning so you can conquer the day ahead.  You’ll wake up feeling alive, awake, alert and (hopefully) enthusiastic after taking Cosmo.

When should I take Cosmo? How long does it take to work?

We recommend taking Cosmo 20-30 minutes before bed. You may notice the effects sooner or later depending on a variety of personal factors. Experiment and see what works best! 

We’ve heard Cosmo best described as a “nice gentle pull, but not a push.” You can expect to feel relaxed and ready for bed. You’ll probably yawn, too. But you won’t feel artificially knocked out.

Is Cosmo habit-forming?

You might get “hooked” on a good night’s sleep, but that’s about it. Cosmo is designed to be taken nightly and is completely non-habit-forming. Cosmo is not a drug. You might get used to its effects, but it is not possible to develop a “tolerance.”

Is Cosmo FDA approved?

Cosmo is produced in accordance with FDA rules and regulations. As a dietary supplement it is not subject to FDA approval. Each batch of Cosmo goes through extensive testing to verify purity, strength and composition.

Orders & Shipping

What’s your return policy?

We want you to be happy with Cosmo and enjoy a better night’s sleep. If for any reason you are unhappy with Cosmo, you are welcome to return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. We’ll even cover the return shipping!

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free in the United States for all orders. International shipping rates depend on the destination– you can see the rate at checkout. 

How long does shipping take?

Shipping generally takes 3 – 7 days within the US and 5 – 14 days internationally. We aim to ship every order within one business day. 

Is this a subscription or one-time purchase?

We currently offer Cosmo as a one-time purchase. We’re working to offer subscriptions soon.