How it works FAQ

How is Cosmo different from other sleep aids?
Traditional sleep aids such as zzzQuil and Benadryl only make you drowsy. They do not promote restorative sleep. Cosmo combines a unique formula of natural ingredients to help you fall asleep and promote restorative sleep.
What's the best time to take Cosmo?
For most people, 20-30 minutes before bed is the best time. You may notice the effects sooner or later depending on a variety of personal factors. Experiment and see what works best for you!
Will I get hooked on Cosmo?
You might get "hooked" on a good night's sleep, but that's about it. Cosmo is completely non-habit-forming and non-addictive.
Is Cosmo easy to swallow?
Early adopters say yes. We deliberately split each nightly serving of Cosmo into two smaller capsules so it would be easier to swallow. Of course, you should never underestimate what you can swallow. You can also open Cosmo capsules and swallow the powder directly, or mix the powder in water or tea. It’s up to you!
Where's all this cool research you keep talking about?
Check out a summary of research references here.

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